Official Chart For Women: Here’s How Much Weight You Need To Have For Your Height, Age And Body Type! (Table)

The ideal weight is the weight that is optimal for your good health. If you like yourself with this weight, and you feel good – that’s great.

From a young age, women are burdened with ideal weight. Looking at the photoshoots of a world star, they are imposing themselves on impossible standards. And what is the optimal weight from the point of view of health, nobody even thinks about it. That’s why we bring you an ideal table

The current trends of thinness only confuse us, because an increasing number of people, and especially women, no longer have an idea of what normal body mass is, and are convinced they are obese, even if they are satisfied with what they see in the mirror and feel good in their skin.

There are several ways to determine the ideal body weight, of which BMI (Body Mass Index) is probably the most popular. However, experts warn that not a single vision is universal and simply does not apply to everyone – because each person is built differently. We do not have all the same diameters of shoulders, hips, busts. Depending on what you have been training in youth, for example, handball, you will have a stronger thigh or if it is swimming, wrap shoulders. How many pounds you weigh, moreover, is not the only indicator of how healthy you are.

Reduced food intake, in order to get rid of excess weight in excess, can result in loss of muscle mass. The scale will show you a few pounds less, but it does not mean that it has disappeared into fat burning, but you may have, inexplicably, lost precious muscles.

You can see the table in a rough way, how you stand, when it comes to excess pounds. You can evaluate whether you should start losing weight or you are within acceptable body weight.

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