15 Symptoms That Indicate When Your Menopause Will Start

Menopause is maybe one of the most frightening and nerve-racking (although natural) processes, which affects women’s well-being at their mid-age. The gradual decrease in the production of reproductive hormones, which develops for several years, leads to the cessation of menstruation. This usually occurs in women between 50 and 55 years old, but it’s completely possible … Read more

If You Have This Plant In Your House, You Will Never See Mice, Spiders or Other Insects Again!

Theoretically, insects are arthropods that possess specialized extremities and a body split into parts, covered in exoskeleton which can even develop into a shell. They also possess antennas, several extremities and in some cases, wings. They are mostly small, except the beetles that are of major size. There are many various species. There are approximately … Read more